Style Elements


Facts: Style Elements, a kind of cyber virus spread since the 1999’s code fragments in the network and continue to replicate… His purpose? Dissemination of futuristic sounds combined with 80s Electro Funk! How can you eliminate it? All firewalls, virus scanners and spyware Defender failed so far! …Presumption of alien being form another world is not excluded. The only chance for salvation? Assimilation! …End of transmission!



Style Elements – Countdown [2017]

Style Elements – Robo Machine [2011]

Style Elements – Sonic Bass [2011]

Style Elements – Robotic Dance [2011]

Style Elements – Sinai Nights [2011]

Style Elements – Some Real Smooth [2011]

 Battle Of The Year The Soundtrack – Style Elements –  Everybody On The Streets [2008]

Return Of Electronic Art Workz [2007]

Style Elements – The Moon [2006] 

Battle Of The Year The Soundtrack – Style Elements – Somethin‘ To Dance [2006]